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Welcome to the new and updated tours information & resource site of the RoughTours Company. Whether you are a traveller on an epic journey, looking for a short getaway, or dreaming of a life changing adventure, the new tours offerings were designed to fulfill your unique personal travel dreams and make each journey a memorable experience.

The RoughTours Company has a team of certified and experienced guides and drivers who will ensure your comfort, safety and enjoyment as you travel to your chosen Moroccan destinations. They are passionate about sharing their culture, heritage and history. The traveller can be assured of a visual discovery and narrative education of what makes Morocco legendary.

The integrity of the team and the value of the services provided by RoughTours Company is guided in principle by a travel philosophy based on professionalism, and a commitment to engage the traveller in a unique cultural immersion.

RoughTours Company is aware of its social responsibility to make a difference in the lives of local nomad families whose children would otherwise be denied valuable education as a result of their nomadic lifestyle. We are proud to launch a humanitarian program initiative to provide for the essential requirements of a basic human right to an education. With your booking, you become a valuable partner in this initiative.

Our cars

Rough tours fleets consist of comfortable Toyota land-cruisers and mini-vans to provide you with a luxury ride around the magic destinations of Morocco.

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Our guides and Drivers

The RoughTours specialist team invites you to experience an exotic world full of adventure and fun. We are direct descendents of a Berber family forming part of the Ait Atta ethnic community in the southern region of Morocco. Our family’s lifestyle has been characterised by nomadic travels, moving from one place to another seeking green pastures for our cattle; and settled periods in our tagine-shaped mountain village of Ramlia practicing agriculture.

The RoughTours generation has been educated up to university level and we pride ourselves on the range of languages we speak - Tamazight (Berber), Arabic, English, French and Spanish, as well as our passion for the tourism industry in Morocco. We are certified and experienced guides and drivers, are passionate about sharing our culture, heritage and history and sharing our legendary country with you. The integrity of our team, our professionalism, knowledge and experience, as well as our focus on value for money means we are committed to delivering a unique travel experience for all our clients. 




Manager & Guide  :  Youssef BOUGHRARA 
Guides  : Mohammad BOUGHRARA 
    Youssef BANI 
    Ismail HASNAOUI  
    Driss OUSSIK