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“Excellent service and an amazing journey”

My experience with Rough Tours was like no other trip I've ever taken. The guide, Said, and driver, Adi, took very good care of us. They drove us into some very remote places that we would have not seen otherwise. Said was a wealth of knowledge about Morocco which added to our pleasure. The accommodations were spectacular, not too touristy, but very authentic, especially the guest house in Ramlia. Everything was handled in a professional manner and on time. Said and Adi worked hard to make sure we were accommodated. Adi's wife even made a birthday cake for me and I was surprised by an impromptu birthday party in the Atlas Mountains! The drive time is long and sort of demanding, but what you see is unforgettable and worth the effort. Rough Tours is a family run company with highly skilled and trained guides. I would definitely recommend this company for anyone who wants to see Morocco off the beaten path.

Visited December 2012

“Nothing is impossible for Rough Tours, a company that really cares”
I have just returned from an amazing trip to the charming, exciting and beautiful country of Morocco. I travelled in solo and originally, I was just looking for a driver to take me around. I connected with Rough Tours through a personal recommendation and after exchanging a few e-mails I decided to go with them. I didn't have time to organize all the details of my trip so I was very grateful that it was all taken care of and Rough Tours even personalized my suggested itinerary to include some highlights that I didn't think I would have time for! And what a trip I had, I couldn't have asked for more! It exceeded all my expectations and it was not just the beauty of the country that captivated me. I got to personally meet quite a few members of the Rough Tours team and I have to say that they are all very professional, kind, genuinely friendly and caring people. Nothing that I asked was turned down and most of the times I didn't even have to if the guys were reading my mind. One night we were on the road at sunset and I was just thinking how nice it would be to stop and take a picture. I just reached for my camera but said nothing and found out that the driver was already looking for a nice spot for me. Another great example was the accommodation Rough Tours booked for me in Essaouria. The only thing I asked was that I wanted to stay as close as possible to the ocean during my stay there. I was very happy to get a room in a riad that was right on the water, where the waves were hitting the wall of the building and in the evening the murmur of the ocean put me to sleep. But all my other accommodations I stayed at were superb as well!

During my trip not only I saw many of Morocco's highlights but I got an insight knowledge of the country's history, traditions and everyday life by people who are very passionate about their job and their country. Rough Tours' mission is obvious, they work very hard (which seems effortless by the way) to keep their clients happy and make their trip a truly memorable, unforgettable experience!

And for the highlights.....sorry but there are too many and it's impossible to rank them. Go with Rough Tours and decide for yourself which one would be the highlight for you: wondering around Fes, getting lost in the narrow alleyways, sleeping under the million stars in the desert, rallying in the sand dunes with a 4x4, enjoying the spectacular scenery from Merzouga to Marrakech, shopping in the old souks, watching people passing by in the main square of Marrakech from a terrace or taking a break from the crowds and enjoying some fresh seafood in the relaxing town of Essaouria. I will always cherish the fond memories of this beautiful trip, thanks to Rough Tours!
Visited September 2012

“Magical, authentic Morocco with Rough Tours”

What can we say about Rough Tours? It has all been said in comments by others, AND IT IS TRUE. They are No.1.
We had ten wonderful days under their care in late November, and Rough Tours was above our expectations as they showed us magical, authentic Morocco. Our bookings via email with Youssef were prompt, reliable, simple but well organised.
Our guide Ismail and driver Youssef were a great couple of guys who showed us their Morocco from the heart. The whole experience was one of professional and personal attention. We met as strangers but parted as friends.
Ismail organised a Moroccan cooking class at short notice for our last day at La Maison Arabe in Marrekech. We heartily recommend this.
Well done Rough Tours!! Thank you.

Visited November 2012

“The best boys in Marrakech, best every thing!”

I can just say one thing about Rough Tours the best tour operator in the world.
Communicating with the Boss Youssef, is a piece of cake. With his knowledge of English, it is as simple as anything.
My first enquiry,a late Sunday nigh,t was responded to within 15 minutes.
I could write a review, long as a book about him, his family and friends in the Moroccan desert. He is from a Nomad family, know all about the Nomads and Berber culture, which is most fascinating.

They are also very much involved in helping the Nomad children to get education. When travelling with them, you also help the locals. Because they finance education an housing for children in their local village. In the middle of the Desert.

We experienced some great off-road driving, as close to Rally Dakar for normal people.

I am more than willing, to share any information regarding Roughtours at any time. Please feel free to contact me.

On our tour we where 7 adults, two cars (Toyota Land Cruiser).
Not to forget, "the girl driver" Hassan:=) Just as great as Youssef!!!

Visited December 2012

“Rough by name, not by nature”

Earlier this year we, three of us, myself, my partner and our daughter, went on a Rough Tour from Fes to Marrakech. All the information provided and booking etc was done in a professional and helpful way, with a minimum of fuss.

Youssef was a wonderful guide during our trip. He was knowledgeable, friendly, funny and informative. He showed us so many interesting places in the short time we had travelling with him and we learnt a lot about the various people and cultures in Morocco.

We were picked up from our accommodation, stayed on night in the desert, one in a luxury resort and then dropped off at our accommodation in Marrakech. The car was very comfortable, well air conditioned (it reached temperatures of 40 degrees C when we there) and Youssef is a skilled, capable and, most importantly, safe driver, despite the very challenging roads. We had to buy some lunch and water but other meals were included. We saw so many interesting places and learnt so much about the history of this fascinating country.

We would not hesitate to recommend Rough Tours to anyone wanting to see Morocco. Go and see Morocco and do it with Rough Tours! You won't be disappointed.

Visited July 2012


Back in August my friend and I (two girls) took a tour with Rough Tours starting off from Fes. Without writing our whole itinerary I will just mention the things that were important for us and most other travellers. They are extremely professional and this began right from our first emails and continued to the end of our trip. Two girls can sometimes feel a bit worried about booking tours in foreign countries, but I can speak from my heart that girls, pensioners, guys, families - you will be in safe hands. Driving around Marocco there are a lot of difficult roads to encounter and Youssef and the rest of his team are excellent drivers. In fact now after my experience I would only trust a Maroccon person to drive me around those roads - makes sense they grew up there and know those roads like the back of their hands! Youssef often said that he was taking care of us just like a father (which made me smile as I am 20 years older than him!!) He always drove at safe speeds. The whole trip was an unforgettable experience - driving around in a comfortable air conditioned 4x4 through villages, mountains, and across the countryside and amazing offroading. I won't describe the things we saw - take a trip and you will see it with your own eyes. Everything was comfortable. However hand on heart riding a camel isn't exactly comfortable, but is a must and great fun, nothing can beat crossing the desert sand, watching the sunset and seeing how the colours change with every hour and then at the end of it climbing to the top of a dune and watching the stars twinkling in the desert sky. The camels were good boys too, calm and you have nothing to feel afraid about. People always want to know about value for money and prices. The price was worth it, and I didn't expect to stay in such lovely hotels. The accommodation arranged for us was first class, clean, had excellent service and wonderful cuisine. We spent very little money while we were with Rough Tours, drinks and tips. So accept the price as you will be very content with what you are paying for. Our guide Youseff was very knowledgable and we learnt and saw things about Marocco that would have been impossible with him. Something that touched my heart very much was the day we went trekking in the mountains and the destination was a nomad camp. The day before Youseff was so excited about buying gifts for the children. He bought them bread, jam, coco cola, and biscuits knowing that those were things that the children never usually get to eat. Now how could you not want to travel with such a kind hearted person? The kids were really happy and it was a treasure to see their faces trying those foods and the joy of Youssef giving them the gifts.


I have only one regret about my holiday - I was in Marocco for three weeks. I only used Rough Tours for a part of my holiday. If I had known before how good Rough Tours were I would have booked the whole of my three weeks with them. Though there is always next year and Marocco is a beautiful country, not to be missed, and I would happily go there again and repeat my whole three weeks, though this I would be sure to book Rough Tours for my whole holiday.

Happy travelling around Marocco.

Visited August 2012